Service Areas


Looking for professional and reliable moving services in the vibrant city of Sunnyvale? Turn to California Bay Movers for a seamless relocation experience. With our skilled team and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for all your moving needs in Sunnyvale.


  •  Sunnyvale Farmers' Market 
  •  Historic Murphy Avenue – Sunnyvale 
  •  Heritage Park Museum 
  •  Baylands Park 
  •  Sunnyvale Community Center 
  •  California's Great America 
  •  Santa Clara Golf and Tennis Club 
  •  Sunnyvale Theatre 
  •  Sunnyvale Bay Trail 
  •  Seven Seas Park 
  •  Washington Park 
  •  Las Palmas Park 
  •  Serra Park 
  •  Sunnyvale Tennis Center 
  •  Lakewood Park 
  •  Ponderosa Park

  •  Fremont Older Preserve 
  •  Sunken Gardens 
  •  Golf Course 
  •  Braly Park 
  •  Raynor Park 
  •  Columbia Neighborhood Center 
  •  Orchard Heritage Park 
  •  Raynor Activity Center – Lakewood 
  •  Elementary Park 
  •  Fair Oaks Park 
  •  Encinal Park – Sunnyvale 
  •  Community Garden 
  •  Stratford School Sunnyvale De Anza Park 
  •  Mango Park 
  •  Panama Park